Christmas morning = Christmas presents!

Wow, Christams really came... XD Time is going so fast. Soon will be new year. I can't believe how my life is so fast. :D Sooo. Back to topic. I wasn't expecting something big and interesting this year for Christmas. Our family had some big shopping like furniture and so. But still I got useful things. I like it. ^^

1. First I took something that was kinda soft and it sounded interesting... XDD

Oooh, so it was comb! I really wanted these and I searched for them everywhere so I was really happy that I get these. XD

 2. Then I took presesnt that I already knew what was there... XDD My mascaraaa. XD

MAYBELLINE the COLOSSAL VOLUM' EXPRESS. I heard that it was really good. Well, one my friend said that it is bad but since I have naturally long eyelashes, I just need volume. So I think this will fit me really good. ^^ Maybe I will write some review about it.

Anyone know Michelle Phan? She is my beauty and make up guru. XDD Really, she is so good at make up and beauty things. She is so natural. I really admire her. So she also said that this mascara is really good for those Maybelline fans. Well, I'm not fan or anything, I just buy that is good and not so expensive. :D

3. Something was kinda heavy. And box wasn't really big. So I checked it out. Oh, one of my favorite sweets. Mint chocolate!!! ^^

4. Oh, and also I got a girls' magazine. Well, I prefer other one, but this one is ok too. It had a lot of samples this release. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, foundation... But not much to read. Gossips, gossips, gossips and a lot more gossips. Kinda boring.

All in all, I guess that foundation won't fit me. I have really pale skin... :D Hard to find something perfect. :/ 

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