DIY: Beautiful Shawl

~ ~ With scheme explanations! ~ ~ 

While surfing through my older posts I noticed one little thing I promised to do long time ago but didn't... ¬ ¬
And I was thinking about taking photo of my shawl <...> that I have made long time ago but I was also too lazy <...> I will do that other day. <...> --- Crochet more please
Yeah, baka me. So I decided not just take a photo (which I already have) but also to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) blog post!~ ^w^ Yay for Rina!~

I am 176cm tall so you can see how big the shawl is. And yeah this is a very old photo since you can see that I'm still with my natural hair colour. XD
Close up of the pattern:

The pattern of this shawl is SUPER DUPER simple:

Scheme No.1 is for the main part of shawl. You start with 3 chains, follow the instructions and it gets bigger and bigger!
Scheme No.2 is for the end. You can make as many of these as you like. I made two lines and then I put fringes on every second loop.
Scheme explanations:

The main rules for making this are very short and clear:
  • The longer hair, the more vivid colour thread has, the longer fringes are - the more magnificent and fancy shawl is.
  • The shorter hair, the more simple colour - the more casual shawl is.
- - -
It took me whole summer to make this shawl. XD But the main reason was because shop ran out of yarns that I needed so I had to order and wait for them to arrive. XDD Actually it was good to have a few breaks during my work so I wasn't annoyed by it or so. :3
really recommend you doing it if you love crocheting. Because most of the shawls I saw has very difficult patterns and everyone, really, EVERYONE can do this one without lots of hard work. :3
Good luck!~ ^w^
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