Grey Essence eyeshadow

Hey everyone! I'm extending my make up collection. I'm not a professional or something, but it would be really nice if I would. ;DD When I was just a kid, my dream was to become a cosmetologist. ;DD Well, I think I want that even today. But not so much as earlier. ^^

I started to get interested in make up thingies not so long ago. You know Michelle Phan? She inspired me. Really. I admire her really much.

For me, it was  just a simple black pencil and mascara. But when I saw Michelle Phan doing her make up, I decided that I should start to take care of my beauty more. So later it became more important to me. Well yeah, there are sometimes days when you are sooo lazy that you just berely put your mascara on, but we shouldn't talk about that. Haha. ;DD

So, last month I bought a new eye shadow! I was searching for totally, or not so totally but black color. Unfortunately, the shadows I found were too expencive for me. T_T So I think I'll buy black later.

So... What can I say about this eyeshadow? Well, I was hoping it will be darker, but anyways it's still good. Very shimmering. Also it's Midnight Collection Limited Edition. So if you like those dark, vampyrish things, you HAVE to get this. ;DD It's not expensive, and it's quality is good. Talking about shadows, pencils, lip glosses and nail polishes. Mascaras isn't good thing in Essence... But, well, if your lashes have volume, I guess you can use Essence mascara, 'cause almost all mascara gives length. I, personally, didn't try this and don't want, 'cause I'm sure that I don't get a result that I was hoping to get.

Anyways... Back to topic. ;DD I took a few pics of how it looks outside. It's outside is really nice. On the shadow are a little trees that looks really nice. Did I mention it is really shimmering? ;DD

See little cute trees? I'm carefully taking eyeshadow from the sides, I don't want to ruin it! >.< XDD

I guess it's pretty good purchase. I don't really know where to find it besides Lithuania. But you can find it in Germany. For sure. 'Cause they made it there. ^^

Shadowy and vampyrish ~Rinatsu~
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