Kaoru and Shou wallpapers up!~

Ok, so this is the first time me doing some wallpapers.
Because I am still infected with Photoshop mania, I decided to do something useful. ;D
Everything I've done is layering, blending, smudging and stuff... Playing with colours and shadows, adding right things in the right place.
I don't like all those wallpapers for one person but with sooo many photos of him from different photoshooting or concerts and sooo many text on it. I like more minimalistic ones. ^^
So this is my work that I've done. It was rather fast but fun to do!

. Guitarist from Dir en Grey.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

Shou. Vocalist from alice nine.
Click on the image to open full sized wallpaper.
Actual image size: 1024x768

- - -
I'm really tired after this week. And today I also had some stuff to do. Even though I was just walking, taking photos and having a bit fun, I still feel really tired after yesterday... My legs really hurt. T_T
Anyways, I'm thinking about doing some entry about the best make up guru in the world, Michelle Phan's, make up videos!! I want to show you some of my work and experiments based on her amazing tutorials. ^^ Make up is a huge art. ;]
Visit Michelle Phan's channel on youtube HERE.
- - -
BY THE WAY!!! I got my camera back on Wednesday. I am sooo happy that I was taking photos of almost everything all these two days. XD Finally I can do my project (365 photos) and I'm hoping I won't be lazy to do that. You can visit my project called '365 photos'. If you got some photography project too, send me a link! I would like to see that.
Always passionate about art ~Rinatsu~
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