Photoshop experimenting day


Hey guys! I feel a bit strange 'cause I have spent all my day on experimenting with Photoshop. Hahaha just joking not all day but kinda a lot of time. So I thought about posting few of my results that I saved here! I didn't do much but I really gained some good experience and learned a lot of simple things that I didn't know. Gosh... Feel awkward... Anyways I found really really nice website! 7 beautiful Photoshop tutorials. Well they are very simple, very short and more advantaged people won't get interested, but I'm not like that so learning even little things is what I need.
Soooo presenting you first thing that I have done today. It's effect for blending and retouching a dark photo! You can find tutorial here. And my result (upper one is BEFORE and lower one is AFTER):

I did everything as it was written in tutorial just I didn't put blur on my face. I like this kind of look. Effect is wonderful. I'm thinking about making a header with a part of my lips for my Opera community profile. ;D
Next experiment that I have done today is related with this tutorial but I have made totally different look. ;D It was true experiment. Well because result didn't actually became as I expected, I saw that I can make something even more interesting. I played with colours and this to came out:

So I tried something Bohemian!! I don't know if it went good or not. But while making it I was thinking about my friend who is into Bohemian and Hippie stuff. XDD Well yeah my Bee if you ever see this pic, I guess you will love it. ;DD

What I did? Just played with the Channels, colours and added cute bohemian texture. I used this texture but you can also have a look at other textures which can be found and downloaded here.
Well maybe that background don't look really natural but I still love it. ^^
So, what can I say... Today I had lots of fun making these! They aren't all that I have done today, but these are the best ones. ^^
Hey and visit this site!!! ~this site~ (XD) I really like it. So cute and sweet. ^^
So that's all for today!
P.S.: Oh, maybe tomorrow I'll try new tutorial that I found here, on wordpress. ;P Hehe. ^^
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