1/2 Prince and G-Dragon the same person?!!! O_o

A little spoiler who hasn’t read 1/2 Prince yet, but you have to see this – comparison with…G-DRAGON (a Korean singer from boy band called BIGBANG)!!!

Well, maybe you’ll think that I’m totally crazy, but please think about it. Ever since I started to read 1/2 Prince and I saw that he sings (as you’ll find out later that he has a band), I always campared him to G-Dragon. Yeah, I know that Prince sings really different songs, but I still compared them. I always imagined how Prince is singing ‘She’s Gone’. XDDD Oh, but everything got really complicated when I saw this pic of G-Dragon… O_O

Compare this photo with these two:

Just integrate these two pics… (OK, I know that first pic tells everything, but in second pic Prince’s glare is totally like G-Dragon’s. And in first one, Prince’s expression is the same as GD’s. So just integreate these too) And…is it just me or Prince and G-Dragon is the same person? XDDDDD Ok, LOL. XDDD But this is really strange. O_O

Nose bleed… Gaaah… *_* ~Rinatsu~
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