Manhua PREVIEW: 1/2 Prince

Hey guys!

I just thought that I need to start writing manga (manhua and other stuff) previews. I'm sooo into it these days. Well, not just these days. A few months now. But I guess I will forget it soon, so I MUST write it down. XDD I won't write oneshot manga previews, 'cause everyone knows. Simple, short... Even laziest (is this word is right? XD ) person won't be so lazy to read one volume manga... Duh...

Firstly, I have to tell you where I'm reading manga and other countries stuff 'cause yeah, sometimes there are baka people who can't find free websites. Stupidity much? O_o So I'm reading them at www.mangafox.com and www.onemanga.com.

So, my first review: '1/2 Prince' or sometimes (rarely) called 'Half Prince'

It is Taiwanese manhua.

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Series Info

Title: 1/2 Prince 
Alternate Title: Half Prince
Categories: action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, gender bender, manhua, sci-fi, shoujo, shounen
Author: Yu Wo
Artist: Choi Hong Chong
Chapters: 39 - ongoing - monthly

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Ok, let's stop this nonsense. This manhua is second in my favorites list!!!!!!! If you like sexy bishies then this manhua is definitely for you!!! ;PPP And talking about serious parts... I can tell that drawing style is really nice. It plays really huge part for me when choosing manga/manhua, so when I saw this, it really won my heart. ;DD

Check out my album in Photobucket (just a bit below this awesome photo) where you will find some scans from manhua and also scans from some really amazing art book (drawn NOT by Choi Hong Chong). Where you will see pics like that *coughs* :

Direct link to this gallery: http://s1034.photobucket.com/albums/a428/RinatsuChan/Half%20Prince/

Oh, and my favorite characters are Prince of course, and Wicked. Aaaaah. *_*

Oh, and who you prefer more? Prince X Gui? Or Prince X Wicked? ;D

Oooh... It's a pity that I couldn't find any 1/2 Prince fanlistings... Got any suggestions?! ;D

Aaahhh... Too much bishies... *_* ~Rinatsu~
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