New web browser: Google Chrome

Hah, these few days was like...renovation or something. Now I feel like..: 'Yeah, I'm cool...' XDDD I finally updated my Skype version. Geez, it was sooo old. Terribly. Newest version now is 4.1, and mine was 3.8!!!!! I feel ashamed... And you know what reason it is?! MY EX!!! And you know why?! 'Cause he told me that new Skype version sucks. And you know what?! I BELIEVED him. Why? WHY??!! I don't know. But time goes and I'm starting to see that I was really dumb to believe everything he said and recommended to me. I feel stupid now. But anyways, I'm really happy with my new version of Skype. ;]
Oh, and also my friend made me change my web browser. Ahh... He was so annoying saying: 'Change it, change it'. And I was like: 'Why?' And he: ''Cause Chrome is the best one'. Ok... XDD (it looks like I'm some American teenager when I tell you our conversation... XDDD) So, I'm really really happy with my new browser, it's fast, it's nice. You can choose your own design from various skins/themes and it's really cool. I'm not sure if I remember right but I guess I saw that you can make your own skin/theme. But I'm not really sure about it. ;]

So there are my cool renovations. Yeah! It's really good, I'm happy. Ah, but just one bad thing about Chrome is that it don't read any Japanese kanji or other Asian languages. I have read that not all Chrome users have this problem. As far as I know, Windows does these stupid things.

But I found solution for this problem! Check my next post HERE!!!

Skypish Chromish ~Rinatsu~
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