OHMI TOMU! (fanlisting)

You are sitting and thinking...'WTH is that OHMI?!'? Well, the answer is really simple. She is one of mangakas. Here I will include some of her personal information. ^^


Name in native language (Japanese):


Birth place: Hokkaido, Japan
Birth date: May 25
Zodiac: Gemini
Comments: Ohmi sensei's first volume was Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou. Also can be seen as OOMI TOMU. Name in Chinese is: 大海十梦
Likes: monsters, red tea, stamps and beautiful ladies.
Blood type: B
Gender: Female
Genres: Josei (8), Romance (7), Smut (6), Supernatural (6), Drama (5), Comedy (3).
Series Titles: 
  • Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou (Josei, Romance, Supernatural)
  • Barairo My Honey (Comedy, Josei, Romance, Supernatural)
  • Kindan no Koi de Ikou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Love Cruise (Comedy, Drama, Josei, Smut)
  • Midnight Secretary (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
  • Tsumiyori Amai Ai ni Oborete (Comedy, Josei, Romance, Smut)
  • Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou (Drama, Josei, Romance, Smut, Supernatural)
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As for myself I have read Love Cruise. It's one shot anime. Funny, interesting. Rather simple ^^

AND the best manga that I ever read was: KINDAN NO KOI DE IKOU!!! THE BEST!!!!

It is one story separated into 3 mangas. You have to read in this sequence:
  1. Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
  2. Zoku - Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou
  3. Kindan no Koi de Ikou
I have read all. And OMG can you believe, that when I was reading it, I thought that I am reading my own story!! Sometimes I was a bit afraid to read more ( XDDD ), 'cause soooo many coincidence with my past in that manga. So, I'm really recommending all Supernatural and Mature Content Manga fans to read it. Definitely!!! ^^ Oh oh!!! I almost forgot. If you are a fan of Ohmi Tomu. Don't be lazy and join a fanlisting!!! Oh, you can see a name in the first page!!! Newest member... Hah. Wanna change it? Join!!! ;DD
P.S.: Doesn't this avatar looks stupid? I like it!!! XDDD

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