Little cute BEE~

So, I decided to continue my handmade stuff uploading here. This time it's BEEeeEE. ;DD Made it for school project 'Bee'. Obvious, isn't it? ;D

Cute, isn't it? ^^ Especially smile. XDD
When I was making this cutie I was kinda thinking about my friend TechnoBee. So it's kinda dedicated to her. But I'm starting to forgot about it. She is so busy... No time to chat at all...
I was surfing all over my computer and I saw that I don't have more photos of my handame work. O_O Yeah... And I'm sooo lazy to take a photo of it, so maybe when I have mood, I'll take photos and I upload it here. ;]
Oh, and I'm willing to go photoshooting in the city center. Maybe next week. 'Cause I kinda promised my friend to show my photoshooting. Ah, and he is really annoying so I have to do it ASAP... XDD
So comment, maybe? What do you think about my bee bee?~ ^^
BzzZzz... ~Rinatsu~
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